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Vi leverer flotte opplegg for skole og barnehage. Høy kvalitet og rimelig pris kombinert med minimalt arbeid for skolens eller barnehagens personale.
Korte leveringstider på alt fra skolekataloger til enkeltbildesett i barnehagen.



Hele enkeltbildesettet og gruppebilde tilbudspris kun kr. 598.- !
1 stk. 20×25 cm
5 stk. 4×5 cm
2 stk. 10×13 cm
1 stk. 14×18 cm 
2 stk. 14×18 cm 1 stk. 20×25 cm  

Skolesett  1., 7. og 10. klasse

Hele enkeltbildesettet inkl. byttebilder av alle i klassen kun kr. 399.- !
Gruppebilde kun kr. 197.- !
1 stk. 20×25 cm
5 stk. 4×5 cm
2 stk. 10×13 cm
1 stk. 14×18 cm
2 stk. 14×18 cm Ferdig byttet bilder hele klassen. 1.stk.20x25cm




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Julekort i str 15×15 cm eller 10×20 cm – 25 stk kr 388,- inkl. konvolutter (ved større antall spør om pris)

Engel hvit_hoyde 15x15 Engel hvit_bredde 15x15 Engel blaa_hoyde 15x15 Engel blaa_bredde 15x15 Rod med pynt_hoyde 15x15
Engel hvit, høyde 15×15 Engel hvit, bredde 15×15 Engel blå, høyde 15×15 Engel blå, bredde 15×15 Rød m pynt 15×15 Høyde
Hvit_ Hvit_hoyde Hvit_ bredde Rod med kuler_hoyde 15x15 Rod med kuler_bredde 15x15 Rod med pynt_bredde 15x15
Enkel hvit, høyde 15×15 Enkel hvit, bredde 15×15 Rød m kuler, høyde 15×15 Rød m kuler, bredde 15×15 Rød m pynt 15×15 bredde


Pepperkakerekke høyde 10×20 Pepperkakerekke bredde 10×20 Snømann høyde 10×20 Snømann bredde 10×20  
Hjerte høyde 10×20 Hjerte bredde 10×20 Rød jul høyde 10×20 Rød jul bredde 10×20  


OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- The Baltimore Ravens don't play at Heinz Field for four months, but it felt a little like Pittsburgh on Sunday, Troy Polamalu Jerseys when the Ravens blasted the song "Renegade" on their speakers to start team drills.

The Styx song is the adopted anthem of the Pittsburgh Steelers and is often played at Heinz during the biggest moments of the game.

But Ravens wide receiver Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown Jerseys who played his first four seasons in Pittsburgh, doesn't believe it provides the same edge as it did previously.

"I don't think it works for them as well anymore because everybody likes the song," Wallace said. Ben Roethlisberger Jerseys "I think everybody gets hyped. At first, it kind of caught people off guard and it was an advantage for them. I don't think it's an advantage for them anymore."

The Ravens typically play "Renegade" during training camp and their regular-season practices. Le'Veon Bell Jerseys Even though the 1979 hit song is often linked to the Steelers, Ravens coach John Harbaugh said it's on his playlist.

"It's a good song. Styx is a fine group," Harbaugh said. "I've always loved them. It might be their best song."

The Ravens will hear that song on Dec. 10, when they play at Pittsburgh. Ryan Shazier Jerseys Does playing "Renegade" on Sunday get them thinking for that showdown?

"It's a long way away," Harbaugh said. "We have a lot of games before that. But, yeah, we enjoy that song."

For Harbaugh, it helps to enjoy that song when the Ravens have won four of their seven regular-season trips to Pittsburgh.